International Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers brings together a versatile mixture of world class live-action, documentary and experimental short films, among them both new discoveries and already highly reputable films. The festival week also hosts exciting special events.

ISFF Sleepwalkers is one of the 3 sub-festivals of the FIAPF accredited Black Nights Film Festival (PÖFF), with its focus on live-action short film.


The core of the festival is the strands of its competition programmes. The International Competition is a celebration of some of the very best films from across the globe. The Student Competition – a long an important focus of the festival – proves that shorts are much, much more than the practise before a ‘real film’ while the National Competition shows there is an abundance of talent in our small country.

Alongside the competitions each year the festival shows a variety of side programmes. The traditional film school focus presents a panorama of the greatest past and present works of one remarkable film school each year. The dark nights of November are spiced up with the Vitamin films, reaching from romantic and hilarious to thoughtful and highly experimental.


We indulge in lucid dreaming, because all these films just feel like excursions onto the borders of reality and the magical. One of our yearly expeditions is the Night Cinema, to offer a truly unique film watching experience. The vibrant short film programme runs well into the morning hours, regardless of the weekday ahead. We’ll find the coziest place in town, find friends to make some cake and brew some coffee and voila! – you will never find a good enough reason not to make every effort humanly possible to join. For the melomaniacs out there the closing event will surely offer some treats.


Welcome to Tallinn and to the mystical black nights that celebrate film in all its shapes and sizes!
Sleepwalkers, Estonia