17th ISFF Sleepwalkers 

12 – 16 November 2016 in Tallinn

Winners 2016:


Written/Unwritten / Dir. Adrian Silisteanu

“A convincing, smart and nuanced portrait of human, social and cultural conflicts,topped with great acting, editing, cinematography and dialogues. Full of tension from the beginning to the end.”


#seflie / Dir. David M. Lorenz

“Showing creativity and resourcefulness in format, this short film is effective, timeless and timely in its comment on and portrayal of the consequences of modern society, also working well as a clever campaign against gender violence. All that glitters is not gold… “


Bringing in the wood / Dir. Simon Spitzer

“Simple story told in a subtle and sensitive way with little details that are full of emotion. We appreciate the braveness of decisions of young filmmaker.”


The Man From Samaria / Dir. Maria Aua

“This film invites us into a shelter of men who has gone through a rough path of life.Yet it captures the warm and humorous aspects of their daily routine.Observational cinematography, great use of music, and probably the best snail scene ever seen in a documentary. –  It’s a film that makes you understand your fellow men. Courageous film about courageous men. Truly a memorable film experience.”


Cold Shivers / Dir.  Marius Myrmel
Baltic Sea competition 

“With its excellent directing, convincing performances, and effective cinematography, this film creates a claustrophobic portrait of a taboo theme. This film proves that sometimes the smallest film productions can leave the biggest mark.”