Thoughts on Dreams

We dream while others merely sleep. We are in a place on that side of space and time where the limits of common sense and physical laws do not apply. It is like a halo that spreads further from a luminous object and sets into every one of it observers’ brain cells. We see but we feel. We hear but we taste.

Our mind is not entirely its own master in this realm. Every colour and sound is at the same time real and unreal. It is all somewhat bizarre. A medieval person would probably regard this as sorcery. It is turning away from reality toward something magical. A modern person may see in this a mere psychological product – the dislocated result of a creator’s inherent peculiarities. May the dream predict destiny or fulfil a wish – one is certain – due to the variability of this phenomenon it is practically as difficult to fully comprehend as Noam Chomsky’s famous sentence: “colourless green ideas sleep furiously”.

We are fascinated by how magical worlds are created both within and around us and what they look like.
Because short films are just like dreams – where reality has no boundaries and an entire story can be told in mere seconds before we wake up.

Every year we take a trip to explore various ideas about dreams, creativity, imagination and reality.


Une nägu 

Most of us dream. We are free to choose whether we see them as mirrorings of our everyday, when our brains are processing everything in peace and quiet. Or whether they serve as warnings or even as windows to another dimension. Or is it our brain creating fantastic stories in full speed.

Enamik meist näeb unenägusid. Saame ise otsustada, kas need on meie argipäeva peegeldused, kus aju saab rahus ja vaikuses meid ümbritsevat protsessida ja salvestada. Või on tegemist hoopis hoiatuste ja ettenägemustega või lausa aknaga teise dimensiooni. Või töötab meie fantaasia täiskäigul lihtsalt lugusid genereerides.

A dream in any case has the face of its maker.
That is why we have asked our friends and guests to share one of those adventures with us.ägu-this-is-a-face-on-a-dream-by-enrico

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