Opening film

Saturday 12.11.2016 at 19:00 Club Of Different Rooms

Sleepwalkers Opening Night – An Evening with Georges

Sleepwalkers has always been a festival that looks to the future of cinema, celebrating those talents and voices that will lead cinema into the future. But we also want to honour the past, and those pioneers whose vision and creativity have given us the cinema that we cherish.

As our parent festival Black Nights puts its focus on France in 2016, and we at Sleepwalkers shine a spotlight on French film school La Fresnoy, what better time to give due deference to one of the true fathers of cinema: Georges Méliès.

Born in Paris 1861, Georges Méliès had an interest in the arts and also in illusion in his younger years. The course of his life was changed when, in 1895, he was in the audience when the Lumière Brothers unveiled their Cinématographe. From then on cinema – a form in which you could do things that no other arts could achieve – was his life.

At first screening other people’s films, Méliès soon began making his own work. He was interested in how cinema could be manipulated, how space could be altered and how the impossible could be made to seem real.

We’ll be screening one of his most staggering achievements in A Trip To The Moon. It’s a compelling blend of the spectacular and innovative, that still has the power to surprise more than 115 years since it was made. Showing off every technical skill he had mastered up until that point, it was an international sensation and still remains highly influential.

Other films will include The Impossible Voyage – in which he tried to top the success he had with A Trip To The Moon – and a number of his inventive 1 minute films in which he experimented with various forms of special effects.

So come for a very special opening of Sleepwalkers and enjoy an evening with one of the true masters of cinema.

  • The One-Man Band

    The One-Man Band

    L’homme orchestre / The One-Man Band / Ühemehe orkester

    France, 1900

    Režissöör: Georges Méliès

  • A Trip To The Moon

    A Trip To The Moon

    Voyage dans la lune / A Trip To The Moon / Reis kuule

    France, 1902

    Režissöör: Georges Méliès

  • The Hat Of Many Surprises

    The Hat Of Many Surprises

    Le chapeau à surprise / The Hat Of Many Surprises / Üllatuste kübar

    France, 1901

    Režissöör: Georges Méliès

  • The Man With A Rubber Head

    The Man With A Rubber Head

    L’homme à la tête de caoutchouc / The Man With A Rubber Head / Kummist peaga mees

    France, 1901

    Režissöör: Georges Méliès

  • The Impossible Voyage

    The Impossible Voyage

    Voyage à travers l’impossible / The Impossible Voyage / Võimatu reis

    France, 1904

    Režissöör: Georges Méliès